From Good to Beautiful - Before From Good to Beautiful - After
From Good to Beautiful - BeforeBefore From Good to Bea?��???sutiful - AfterAfter
"It's not that I hated my teeth. They were not perfect. I am a performer and I wanted to do whatever I could do to improve my smile. It's exciting to be able to change the way you look so dramatically, so quickly. I can't believe that this is going to last forever, and it only took 37 minutes. I would not have done this if I had to have shots and drilling." K.H.
Tetracycline Stains/20 Year Recall Before Tetracycline Stains/20 Year Recall Before
Tetracycline Stains/20 Year Recall BeforeBefore Tetracycline Stains/20 Year Recall BeforeAfter
"I love my LUMINEERS! They're white, beautiful, and so thin people have no idea they're not my natural teeth. I smile with confidence now, no longer embarrassed by stained teeth. The procedure was totally painless and comfortable. Even though I didn't like my smile before, I was not willing to have my teeth ground down for veneers. I'm so glad my dentist told me about LUMINEERS." C.N.
Stained, Crooked Teeth Before Stained, Crooked Teeth After
Stained, Crooked Teeth BeforeBefore Stained, Crooked Teeth AfterAfter
"During the entire procedure I was relaxed and confident about my new smile. There was no discomfort. Afterwards, there was no adjustment. The LUMINEERS felt like my real teeth. I will recommend Cerinate LUMINEERS to all of my family, friends, and co-workers." D.K.
Smile Perfection with LUMINEERS Before Smile Perfection with LUMINEERS After
Smile Perfection with LUMINEERS BeforeBefore Smile Perfection with LUMINEERS AfterAfter
"I was amazed at how simple and painless the procedure was. The LUMINEERS look perfect yet natural. Now I get compliments constantly about my smile!"
Misshapen & Stained Before Misshapen & Stained After
Misshapen & Stained BeforeBefore Misshapen & Stained AfterAfter
"My front top laterals turned in and I felt that this gave me the appearance of a rabbit. Your smile is the first impression you make, and your teeth make all the difference. This past summer, I was going to Florida for a family reunion, and I wanted my LUMINEERS before I went. I didn't tell anyone I was getting them, and was very pleased when they noticed. The process itself was so simple and painless. In 45 minutes I had a new smile. They feel like my own teeth and appear very natural. I am extremely happy with my new LUMINEERS!" J.B.
Attractive Smile Made Dramatically More - Before Attractive Smile Made Dramatically More - After
Attractive Smile Made Dramatically More - BeforeBefore Attractive Smile Made Dramatically More - AfterAfter
"I was tired of my bonding chipping, leaving spaces between my teeth. After seeing several other LUMINEERS cases, I wanted a smile just like theirs with no pain. LUMINEERS was the right choice. A new smile in only 40 minutes!" K.F.
Spaced Teeth Before Spaced Teeth After
Spaced Teeth BeforeBefore Spaced Teeth AfterAfter
"I have gone through my life very self conscious about my teeth and my smile. From an early age I had an extremely large gap between my teeth. I have been through braces twice and wore retainers for many years. A couple months ago I had LUMINEERS placed on my front teeth and guess what I had an instant, beautiful smile! I was amazed with the results and to top it off, the procedure only took about 40 minutes. My mother and fiance still comment to this day how much my smile has improved. All in all, I am very pleased with the results. The only dissatisfaction I have is that I did not do this sooner! It now feels good to smile and have perfect teeth without the maintenance of a retainer or braces!" B.F.
Renewing Old Dental Work - Before Renewing Old Dental Work - After
Renewing Old Dental Work - BeforeBefore Renewing Old Dental Work - AfterAfter
"After several unpleasant and painful experiences with dentists, I was fearful of any dental work and, in fact, had not been to a dentist's office in almost 10 years. After watching another patient being fitted with LUMINEERS by Cerinate, I decided to have my own set and was pleasantly surprised at how easy and, more importantly, pain-free, the process was. With no shots or drilling, I now have a perfect smile for years to come and my faith in the dental profession has been restored. My only regret is that I did not have this done sooner." K.U.
Straightening Crooked Teeth - Before Straightening Crooked Teeth - After
Straightening Crooked Teeth - BeforeBefore Straightening Crooked Teeth - AfterAfter
"Without any pain my teeth were straightened, whitened and my smile came to life. I kept waiting for it to hurt, but it never did. I smile all the time now." J.R.
Stained, Chipped Smile - Before Stained, Chipped Smile - After
Stained, Chipped Smile - BeforeBefore Stained, Chipped Smile - AfterAfter
"LUMINEERS immediately enhanced my life and boosted my self-confidence. My co-workers say my new smile lights up the office. Best of all, it was painless, my teeth don't feel sensitive, and I don't notice the LUMINEERS at all. Thank you all at Cerinate for the amazing makeover!" S.H.
Multiple Spaces Between Teeth - Before Multiple Spaces Between Teeth - After
Multiple Spaces Between Teeth - BeforeBefore Multiple Spaces Between Teeth - AfterAfter
"The greatest advantage, in most cases, is that a Cerinate smile can be created in only two dental visits. The color match was perfect and there was no pain during or after the placement." Dr. Jeff Siebert
Permanent Whitening & Straightening - Before Permanent Whitening & Straightening - After
Permanent Whitening & Straightening - BeforeBefore Permanent Whitening & Straightening - AfterAfter
"This was a big thing for me. I didn't think I'd ever be able to improve the look of my teeth. The LUMINEERS look so natural, people aren't sure what's different about me. Once I tell them, they're amazed and think they look great. I love them! The procedure was quick and painless. In just 1-1/2 hours the dentist was done!" S.L.
Small & Misshaped Teeth - Before Small & Misshaped Teeth - After
Small & Misshaped Teeth - BeforeBefore Small & Misshaped Teeth - AfterAfter
"I can't believe I didn't get LUMINEERS before. It only took two dental visits and was so quick, painless and easy. It's really opened up a lot of doors for me. A lot of clients have started to pay attention and they can't figure out exactly what it is yet. There's a huge difference in the way I was smiling before and the way I am smiling now. I feel like this is a brand new me, and I can't help but smile and show everyone. This is something I'm really happy with. I really can't believe that nobody's done this before or thought of it sooner." T.D.